06 February 2019

Complex Care: Get paid on time


 As you know, we launched HealthForceGo® to all our Complex Care staff last week. It’s really important that you all download the app ASAP from the Apple or Google Play app stores to ensure you get paid on time. 

It’s like magic! HealthForceGo® automatically checks you in and out of shifts due to some very clever geo-fencing technology. All you need to do is take your phone with you to shift and complete the final check out steps once your shift is over. If you don’t, your pay may be delayed. 

To avoid any disappointment, get familiar with the check-out steps below.


Step One

If your app isn’t open, you will see this notification on your home screen and may need to unlock your phone before accessing the app in the usual manner.




Step Two

Go to the ‘Shift Details’ screen. Review the information to ensure accuracy and that you are checking out of the correct shift, then click the ‘Proceed to submit’ button.





Step Three

You are now viewing the ‘Timecard’. Scroll to the end of the page. If you need to claim mileage for your car journey (drivers only), click ‘Claim mileage’, add any necessary expenses and then click ‘Submit with mileage’. If you’re not claiming mileage, add any necessary expenses incurred, then click ‘Submit without mileage and expenses’




Step Four

Your timecard has now been submitted and sent to payroll. You can review your completed timecard at any time by clicking on the shift details in My Diary To finish, click ‘Got it’.




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