23 April 2018

DIY SOS Transform Stuart’s Home

Earlier this year in February, an army of cranes, cement mixers and supportive neighbours, gathered in Stuart Philp’s front garden in Torquay. Nick Knowles and the rest of the DIY SOS team were in town, to revamp Stuart’s home.

Hundreds of people from several different companies were in attendance, all volunteering their spare time and money. Changes to Stuart’s property, ranged from adding an extra bedroom with all the care provision Stuart needs, to redesigning the wet room, living space, improving access and rebuilding his kitchen and bathrooms. The additional room has even allowed Stuart’s mother, Lin, to move in. Lin is blind, and she previously travelled across town to assist with Stuart’s care. It’s safe to say, DIY SOS has entirely changed their quality of life as a family.

Stuart developed Multiple Sclerosis, when his daughter Lauren was born, in 2002. Affectionately known as ‘Legsy’ in his local community, he uses a mobility chair and has received care from many different Newcross nurses since 2017. They all love caring for Stuart, saying how they always have a “great laugh” with him, and are “inspired” by his positive outlook on life. Our local Complex Care team all have special training, in order to meet Stuart’s special requirements.

Fortunately at Newcross, we were able to contribute to the transfiguration, by contributing a specialist chair. Stuart was absolutely delighted, or in his own words, “over the moon.” Overwhelmed by surprise, he continued to say that it was “far more than he ever expected.”

The big reveal was held on the 15th February. Our Devon and Cornwall Complex Care Manager, Michelle Damerell, Torquay Field Team Leader, Megan Kent and Healthcare Assistant, Katie Johnson all attended the grand unveiling. "I feel blessed," Stuart said. "I'm blown away by it all. I didn't think things like this happened to people like me."

We are glad to hear that Stuart is doing brilliantly, and that we were able to help him with his chair.

The programme will be aired over the summer 2018 on BBC One.