26 November 2018

Edinburgh Healthcare Coordinator, Lee McClung, Braves the Shave for Macmillan


On Friday 23rd November, Edinburgh Healthcare Coordinator, Lee McClung, shaved his hair for the cancer charity, Macmillan. Diana Boyd, Edinburgh's Branch Manager, took great pleasure in doing the shaving! 

On his 'Brave the Shave' profile, Lee explains why he chose to undergo the chop... 

"After my Papa being a very lucky survivor of cancer, my Nana has now been diagnosed with breast cancer. I have decided to now help raise money to help fight this disease and help give hope and strength to all those still going through what we have. My workplace are being so supportive and we will be doing the shave on the day in the office at Newcross Healthcare Edinburgh. If you would like to come along to support, give us a call to confirm the details." 


lee mcclung
lee end reuskt

Congratulations Lee - we think you look great!

To donate to Lee, you can do so by following this link.