11 December 2009

Excellence Awards - Truro's Finalist

The Newcross Excellence in Healthcare Awards winners were announced this week and Alan Curtis from the Newcross nursing agency in Truro is this year's national finalist.

Michelle Pattrick, Managing Director at Newcross Healthcare Solutions explained, "The Awards give us a real opportunity to recognise the hard work of our nurses and healthcare staff.  We have heard some incredible stories about our team in this year's competition, with nurses and healthcare workers such as Alan showing exceptional compassion and care for their patients. 

Something we have found out as part of this year's awards is that Alan doesn't drive but it doesn't matter how many modes of transport he has to take to get to a patient - he never fails to get there on time.

He is very skilled in dealing with specialist learning disability clients and has been described by many as a real  gentleman who is always calm, polite and caring.  He thoroughly deserves this prize, congratulations Alan!"

Newcross Healthcare Solutions has a team of over 2,500 people who choose to work with Newcross for its high standard of health care, training and support.  Formed in 1996 by Michelle and Stephen Pattrick, Newcross has become a recognised leading provider, specializing in the management and placing of healthcare professionals in private homes as well as the public and private sector.