18 December 2017

The Experts: Nurse Advisor Team on call for clinical advice

No matter how well qualified or experienced, occasionally we all need to call on others for support and advice. In a healthcare environment, this is especially important and the need for guidance and expertise can arise any time.

As part of a company-wide investment, we now provide an additional specialist service for our office and healthcare teams; the Nurse Advisor Team.

There are many essential components to Newcross. One that many are unaware of is our wonderful Central Support (“CS”) team. Based in Bristol, they’re literally ‘on call’ 24/7, responding to enquiries when branches are busy and out of office hours. It’s a seamless service, with calls being forwarded automatically, so the hardworking CS crew - who handle around 1,400 calls every 24 hours - are often unsung heroes.

Until recently, CS Healthcare Coordinators have referred queries of a clinical nature to Lead Nurses across the network of branches. As an experienced nurse herself, our MD and co-founder Michelle Gorringe saw an opportunity to raise our game. “I know that clinical support is one of the services that sets us apart. I believe we should always be striving to deliver more in this field.” So, under the leadership of Juliette Millard our Head of Clinical Governance, we now have a Clinical Nurse Advisor Team.

“Giving our healthcare employees clinical advice and support when they have a concern is essential for us in order to provide the highest quality of care for our service users,” explained Juliette.

“It also gives our employees the peace of mind. They can call for the support whenever they need it. Questions about medication, best practice or simply a request for an expert second opinion.”

Our new Clinical Nurse Advisor Team is founded on 3 experienced nurses, Shay, Charlotte and Josie, with vital help from Clinical Administrator, Leona. The team have been officially in their Bristol office taking calls since mid-November.

Charlotte Baranowski, our first appointed Clinical Nurse Advisor has previously worked in a number of specialist fields including organ transplants and spinal rehabilitation.

I worked as a recovery nurse at Bristol’s Southmead hospital and did a short stint as a renal transplant co-ordinator. It carries out more than 100 kidney transplants every year, so I was always kept busy!”

Mother to a 21 month old daughter, Charlotte previously worked as a RN for Newcross, “Being a Clinical Advisor is a great opportunity to listen to fellow healthcare professionals and understand the challenges they’re facing. Although I’m not in uniform, my job is still very much nursing, only now I’m providing care and expertise to support other nurses who are in turn looking after service users.”

Self-confessed lover of reading acts of parliament (we all need a hobby!) Shay Walsh has extensive experience as a nurse, “I’ve been an A&E nurse, and I’ve been an occupational health nurse, in both industry and in the local council. Before I joined Newcross I was a South Gloucester CCG, (Clinical Commissioning Group) and I was an individual Commissioning nurse for children.”

Last but not least is Josie Densley, a registered nurse who knows how important having contact with another nurse is. “I’ve been nursing for 15 years, I’ve had various roles, and I’ve done agency for 8 years in A&E. Nursing is so diverse and I’ve gone from working in cardiac surgery, to A&E to working in the community which are all completely different.”

Not only do the team offer support and advice on clinical issues for both our healthcare employees and branches, they provide ongoing assistance with revalidation for our nurses.

If you want to get in touch at any time throughout the week just give your branch a call and ask to speak to our Clinical Nurse Advisor Team.

For help and advice 7 days a week, from 8am to 8pm please contact us on 0117 911 9677.