02 March 2018

* Extreme Weather Update *

Newcross Healthcare responds to extreme weather

UPDATE: 0800hrs Friday 2nd March 2018

Co-founders Michelle Gorringe and Stephen Pattrick have thanked Newcross staff for their extraordinary efforts to ensure we continue to provide outstanding care during this challenging time.

Newcross has been utilising its nationwide network of centres throughout Scotland, Wales and England to co-ordinate services and mitigate the impact of this extreme weather.

Our Head Office premises in Devon will not be opened today, to reduce the risk to staff travelling to/from the location. If you’re calling Head Office by telephone, you’ll receive a recorded advisory message.  

Thanks to our investment in new payroll systems, our Finance team is confident that payments of all wages will continue as usual without any interruption.

Our Central Recruitment service is being stood down temporarily in order to focus all available resources on the provision of our Central Support services, helping to ensure we get as many staff out to as many shifts possible. 

As ever, our Central Support team will be on call 24/7, dealing with scheduled shifts and emergency needs. 

This means that there may be a short delay in the processing of job applications. If you’re involved in the selection process for healthcare roles, we’d ask you to be patient!

Most of our 63 Centres have been affected to some degree by the snow but some regions have been especially hard hit.  Many regions have been the subject of Red Weather Alerts and our Regional Managers have been contacting branches individually to provide support. 

Complex Care Teams are undertaking full reviews on every package of care over next 48 hours. 

We know that some Complex Care staff are unable to travel by any means and are either stuck at home or in their care environment. We’ll re-deploy all available staff, giving priority to those service users in greatest immediate need,  

Operations Director, Geoff White has commended his teams across the UK for their resilience and hard work. 

“It’s been a tough period for everyone and I’d like to extend my personal thanks to the amazing people in Newcross who’ve worked so hard under such difficult circumstances. This weather won’t last forever but until the thaw, we all need re-double our efforts.”

The following important guidance has been given for all frontline healthcare professionals:

  • If you are unable to travel to a shift, please notify your branch immediately so that we can explore options for alternative cover. 
  • If you’re available and able to travel safely, please contact your branch to be considered for shifts. All grades and specialisms can help! 
  • In the first instance, please ensure that your availability is updated online or via the HealthForceGo® app.
  • If you have access to a 4x4 vehicle, please consider how you might be able to help colleagues get to and from shifts.


Further updates will be provided via this website, and our social media accounts.


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