15 September 2013

Falkirk celebrate double Excellence in Healthcare award

There's cause for celebration at our Falkirk office today, because we're happy to announce that Mary Frame and Michelle Riordan, both from Falkirk branch, have won the Excellence in Healthcare and Excellence in Homecare awards for Quarter One, respectively. This marks the first occasion that a branch has celebrated a double winner in both categories, illustrating the excellent standards of the entire Falkirk team, but especially of Mary and Michelle.

Mary Frame, a Registered Mental Health Nurse from Whitburn, was chosen as the 13th winner of the Excellence in Healthcare Award due to her commitment to the quality of care Newcross prides itself on, as well as her impeccable feedback from a variety of clients. Business Centre Manager, Owen Edwards, could not praise Mary highly enough, remarking on her empathic approach to service users and her ability to lead her team effectively. A number of care home managers echoed Owen's comments, stating that Mary is an asset to their team and a pleasure to work with.

The winner of only the second ever Excellence in Homecare Award, Michelle Riordan, was similarly chosen for the outstanding service she provides, with flawless staff assessments and glowing recommendations. Owen Edwards commented that Michelle exemplifies 'everything that we look for in our homecarers'. Conscientious and compassionate, service users love having Michelle as a member of their care team, knowing that they can rely on her to deliver a higher standard of care at all times.

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Business Centre Manager Owen Edwards presenting the awards and flowers to Michelle (left) and Mary (right).

Both Mary and Michelle were presented with their awards, as well as a bouquet of flowers and bottle of champagne. Managing Director Michelle Pattrick, RN commented on the double award, stating 'Mary and Michelle demonstrate the exceptional care Newcross members of staff deliver, with their dedication, compassion and ability to excel in a variety of settings. They are very worthy winners, and we are delighted to see our service in Falkirk continue to shine!'