21 November 2018

Flexi Pay 365 Days a Year! (Including Christmas!)

flexi pay

Flexi Pay will soon become available to Newcross Healthcare staff 365 days a year! Typically, most UK healthcare workers are paid weekly or monthly, but with Flexi Pay, our team have the option to request an advance against their completed shifts and be paid as quickly as one hour after they've finished a day's work.

Here's everything you need to know... 

What is Flexi Pay?

Flexi Pay is a feature of our HealthForceGo® app. HealthForceGo® helps our team stay in control of their working lives by managing their workload and pay with the swish of a finger! 

Do Complex Care teams have access to Flexi Pay?

*Complex Care staff will have access to Flexi Pay in the future, but this functionality is not yet available for these teams. Please keep an eye on Newcross communications for further details as we head into 2019. 

Most banks offer fast payments! 

A very small number of UK accounts (less than 0.1%), such as some savings accounts, do not accept Faster Payments. You can check if the Sort Code you want your payment sent to accepts Faster Payments, by using the sort code checker. Please note that not all banks pay over weekends or bank holidays. More information can be found here. 

Can Newcross guarantee same day or next day pay?

Newcross uses a major Online Banking platform to deliver faster payments. Payments may be delayed if our provider is unable to deliver through the faster payment ro ute due to unforeseen circumstances.

If you're a healthcare professional and you think Flexi Pay could help you out over the festive period, why not join us? Choose when you want to work by allocating your availability on our app, HealthForceGo® and make the most of the holidays with your loved ones. Apply now! 

For more information on Flexi Pay, click here.