08 September 2017

The future faces of Newcross


Newcross welcomed new Apprentices to our Bristol hub in June and they got to experience a range of different work environments at Newcross. The Apprentices explained what it was like to visit Colston Tower...

“It was a great experience for everybody as it was good to go and visit another branch and also visit the different departments such as Central Support and Marketing. it was good to meet the different people in the business. It was also beneficial for the recruitment apprentices to meet the different departments that they work closely with and how the work that they do at Head Office affects the branches.”

“When we were in Bristol we had the opportunity to meet many different people within for example: Marketing, Central Support, Bristol Establishment, Bristol Complex Care as well as Geoff White, Steve Churches and various BCM’s of the business.”

Our meet with Geoff White, National Operations Director

“We had the opportunity to meet and have a chat with Geoff White who spoke to us about Newcross as a whole and how much it had grown. He also gave us an insight into the plans they have for the future. It was good to hear more about a typical day in the life of Geoff!”

“I think that being able to meet Geoff was a brilliant experience because not everyone in the business gets the opportunity to meet him but also because it gives us a really good understanding of how far the business has come and what they are looking to achieve over the next few years. It was nice to see how we as apprentices contribute towards making the business grow and what we might experience as we work our way up through the business after our apprenticeships have finished.”

Our meet with Steve Churches, Wales and West Regional Operations Manager

“This was one of our favourite parts of the day as it allowed us to sit down with him to hear his opinions/views on the company.”

“It was good to hear him talking about his role as a Regional Manager, the biggest challenges he faces on a daily basis and what he enjoys most about the job. He also asked us a lot of questions which gave him a good understanding of how we thought our apprenticeships are going and gave him some information on the areas that we struggled with and the areas that we enjoy the most.”

Our meet with the Central Support Team

“We really enjoyed sitting with Central Support. We always get emails from them and so it was good to put faces to names. It was also nice to spend 30 minutes sitting with them and seeing exactly what it is that they do, although we don’t know how they get any work done with the amazing view that they have. Central Support works very different to what we expected, similar to HCC role but on a busier scale. It was good to shadow them and see the intense velocity of calls that they receive every minute and the speed at which they have to work.”

Our meet with the Marketing Team

“It was nice to have a good chat with them and learn a bit more about the marketing side of the business and what actually falls within their department. We were given a summary of what they do and how it impacts the company. It was really useful to get a better understanding of what they were doing and also what they have planned.”

If you are interested in becoming an apprentice we have a number of vacancies at Newcross here.