11 April 2018

Hazel returns!

We are absolutely delighted to be welcoming back Hazel Dunn, who previously worked as a manager with us at Newcross, in the Falkirk branch. Upon hearing the news about her big return, Louise Donachie, Social Media Champion and Kirkcaldy Healthcare Coordinator met with her to talk about her day-to-day, as well as her new role with us in Perth.

Welcome back Hazel! The whole of the Scottish team are so pleased to have you back. We'd love to find a bit more about you and your experience the second time round with Newcross. 

So tell me, what brought you back to Newcross?

As a company, the systems and process are second to none. Newcross provides a fantastic and supportive employer and we all work as a cohesive team.  

Did you miss us then?

Yes! I missed really the people and the overall team ethos.

What differences between the Perth and Falkirk branches have you noticed?

The Perth client mix is a more engaging and will go the extra mile. However, they’re all friendly and supportive clients, really. The feedback has been really positive about our staff. Perth branch have been working in partnership with local employers to offer inductions for new staff, to gain a better insight into their services.

What’s the biggest change you've noticed?

The biggest changes are in IT, with the new HealthForceGo app and investment, the branches are more self-sufficient. The new system supports our client – helping to fill shifts more quickly!

What are your plans for the branch?

I have plans to increase head count and increase additional opportunities within the Learning and Disabilities, NHS & Support work. 

It’s great to have you back, Hazel!