04 September 2018

HCA Evren Sener rocks up to the Bath office by Riverboat


We've seen electric skateboards, scooters and all manner of strange transport being used for the daily commute into the Bristol office. However, we were well and truly shown up by HCA Evren Sener, who recently turned up to the Bath office on her riverboat, Goodwill. 

Bath Healthcare Coordinator, Bailey Dawson, told us: 

"Evren surprised us, by showing up to our office on her boat. Our office is at the edge of the River Avon, making it possible.

Her and her partner have been working on their river boat for some time, saying they would come past once they had completed it."

Eager to find out more, we reached to to HCA Evren ourselves, who told us the story of her lovely boat - and how Newcross has helped her to build a life she loves...

"We have a lovely story to our motor yacht Goodwill. My job with Newcross has played a huge role in where we are with her today.

My partner Shane rebuilt Goodwill on a tiny budget and mostly from recycled materials in Cyprus, 2008. I met Shane just after he finished building the boat when he returned to Bath for the winter. I am originally a Cypriot and he is English.

The following summer, I joined Shane, (and the kitten that had adopted Shane and Goodwill as her home in Cyprus during the build). The three of us had a magical three summers island hopping up and down the South coast of Turkey. 

I had left my regular job and joined Newcross recognising this would allow me the flexibility to continue taking a few months off over the summers to go off and have the adventures that we value so much in our lives.

However, life circumstances evolved and we decided we were ready to close the chapter of going away for lengths of time. We wanted to spend more time in the UK and engage with and invest in our community more. We even took on an allotment. 

We then had to decide to either give Goodwill up or bring her from Turkey back to England. Bringing her back to England also meant that she would have to be renovated adapted for the variation in climate. A costly procedure!

We could not give her up.

That meant we would have to work very hard, save hard and make it happen as quickly as possible. 

It was my confidence in my job with Newcross that I thought it is completely in our hands to do this. Newcross provided me with the opportunity to work as hard or as little as I need or want to in order to build and live my best life.

On top of that, my work with Newcross has been an absolute joy too. I love the people I get to support, work with and meet. I also love seeing how things work from a variety of perspectives. It has also played a part on fulfilling the wish to engage more in my community as I often work locally.

Shane and I credit Newcross for the quality of life we now have and love. 

You could say Goodwill was sponsored by Newcross!"

evren sener

Thanks to Evren and Shane for sharing their wonderful story with us! We look forward to hearing about more of your adventures in the future.

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