23 August 2018

Healthcare Heroes: Newcross Chichester Branch go above and beyond, resulting in a Service User's First Holiday

Chichester Team

Have you ever heard the phrase, "Teamwork makes the dream work?" Our Chichester branch embodied the saying in a recent group effort, which resulted in a young service user *BP* experiencing their first family holiday to the New Forest. We caught up with Lead Nurse, Alice Pryor, who told us all about it. 

So, what's the story? 

"This was their first family holiday. It was so important to them. We assisted them getting all her equipment to the destination. I did a risk assessed for *BP, who uses a tracheostomy and a respirator, and also the carers safety. Myself and the Chichester team leader looked after *BP while her Mum and sister had some rare quality time swimming together.

The destination was the New Forest and our carers accompanied them to their destination to work the nights. They have traveled over one and a half hours to get to their shifts at their own time and expense and really went above and beyond for this family."

What part did everyone play?

Amy is the carer who booked the hotel and covered the week of nights and Charlotte  did the day time hours. Sarah Brownrigg IOW manager helped support with the CCG and managed to get some extra hours funded. Beth our team leader helped me take all the equipment in the car.  Julie our coordinator did all the shift swapping with carers and Maria one of the carers. It was well and truly a team effort! All the staff have been absolutely amazing supporting the Mum and she is so pleased!

Were there any hurdles along the way? 

The holiday was so close to not happening as the planning with the CCG and behind the scenes was so difficult and it did nearly get cancelled but all the Chichester CC team manged to pull together and get her there and the Mum it means so much to the Mum.

The Mum had such a good weekend, she asked if she could stay for the week, one of our carers booked a hotel close by, so she could cover the night shifts as the staff booked in for them weren't all drivers. Our HCC did some shift-swapping and manged to recover the shifts Amy was in with other clients and ensured all shifts were safely covered and all the carers had work. 

This inspiring story is testament to the hard work our healthcare staff put in to provide exemplary care for our service users. Thank you to the Julie Farnell-Johnson, Beth Jenkinson, Alice Pryor, Sue Living, Maria, Charlotte Allison, Sarah Browning and Amy McDaid. 

Alice Newcross

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