13 April 2018

HealthForceGo Takes Scotland by Storm

After a very successful pilot in the East of England last October, the latest innovation from Newcross Healthcare was also made available to Scottish branches earlier this spring. Thanks to our useful new app, HealthForceGo, Newcross nurses and healthcare staff now have the opportunity to go paperless, organising their work life exclusively from their smartphones.

The benefits of going paperless in itself are many. Just imagine. No more lost time sheets - or running around after signatures. No more driving miles to your branch, one of the best benefits for those who live in the remote areas of Scotland. No hanging about. With the app, time sheets are signed digitally by the client, with a quick swish of their finger. What’s more, electronic documents are instantly and simultaneously available to all who may need them. That means less wasted paper, little-to-no waiting time and almost zero risk of loss or damage! Ideal for you and the environment.

Not familiar with the app? Just some of its impressive features include:

  • Time sheets are signed digitally
  • See all upcoming shifts with greater details into each shift and client
  • View payslips after you’ve been paid
  • Manage when you want to work by setting your availability
  • Mileage is automatically calculated right from your home
  • 10 minutes of exclusive access to shifts you’ve worked previously, before branches fill them

The inspiration behind HealthForceGo, was to make life a little simpler for everyone at Newcross, whilst allowing staff to be in absolute control of their schedules. The program has caused quite the stir in our Scottish branches. We reached out to find out how HealthForceGo is benefitting everyone…

Karen Hoban SW Perth - "I think HealthforceGo is really good, saves time with coming into the office when you're busy. I like the discover shift section and looking forward to it coming back up again soon."

Dot McHardy RGN Perth - "HFG is great for showing all the shifts that you might not have done but can pick up if you're free. The electronic timesheets are good as we don't always have time to come in. I also like that we get personal responses from the feedback section.  It makes us feel like we are really being listened to."

Junie Crombie BCM Inverness – “I put a booking on yesterday at 13.13, and I went back to look at it a few minutes later - it had disappeared from the bookings, it was filled via the App by one of our staff 13.14. Amazing!  Client was delighted at the swiftness of the response, as he wanted to know fairly quickly if we could fill the shift as he was trying to arrange a training course for his own staff.”

Emma Thompson RGN Perth – “It's extremely useful to see what shifts are up and coming.  Paperless signing is great. Whole thing is clear and easy to use. Likes records being kept ie shifts worked, payslips etc - it's like having a personal secretary!” 

Over 2,500 timesheets per week are now being digitally signed through the app and a quarter of all shifts now accepted via HealthForceGo!

HealthForceGo will be rolled out throughout our regions from June 2018. If you’re in the East of England or in Scotland, the app can be found on the App Store and on Google Play.