15 June 2017

The Importance of Newcross Carers

Carers provide a vital service to thousands of people in need of care every day and save the national economy £87 billion per year. Sadly, according to the Carers week website, 74% of the British public said that they believe that carers are not valued by society. But we know that our carers are the backbone of Newcross Healthcare, and we wouldn’t be here without them.

We spoke to co-founder Stephen who said, “Michelle and I know the whole of Newcross acknowledge that some of the most amazing and incredible people that we have in our company can be found within the healthcare team. The nurses, the carers and the support staff that provide care across all sectors within healthcare every day, working in nursing homes, providing additional support to our clients, our supported living and complex care division. Our carers, nurses and support staff enable many of our clients to live in their own homes, safely and securely, which is something that many never dreamed was possible because of their complex or chronic needs.”

Co-founder and RN Michelle said, “To see and hear what our care team do, day in and day out is one of the main motivators that drive us forward thinking about how we can be even better. Better at providing the care, better at enabling, better at allowing our teams to develop and flourish, developing new ways of working through innovation and integration,constantly refining and improving what we do.”

What is the Role of a Healthcare Assistant?

A carer’s job can vary from assisting someone with dressing, washing or enabling the person to take part in activities that they normally can’t without assistance.

Types of duties may include:

  • observing, monitoring and recording patients' conditions by taking temperatures, pulse, respirations and weight
  • communication with patients, relatives and carers
  • assisting with clinical duties
  • personal care including infection prevention and control, food, personal hygiene and overall reassurance, comfort and safety
  • promoting positive mental/physical/nutritional health with patients
  • checking and ordering supplies

At Newcross, we know and understand the vital role that carers bring to the wellbeing and daily quality of life of people in need of assistance. Working in a Care Assistant Job with Newcross means that every day is different, and every day you can bring your skills and knowledge to make a real difference to those you care for and their families.

How We Support our Carers

At Newcross we offer over multiple training courses, with dedicated Clinical Trainers to our carers to help them develop their careers and skills. All of our healthcare professionals have minimum hours guaranteed in their contracts, giving them the security of a steady income. Each member of the team has a dedicated branch on hand to offer them support when they need it, as well as having extra support from our Clinical Governance Team.

If you’re interested in joining Newcross as a carer, please visit our jobs pages to find roles in your local area. To find out more about our Care Assistant Jobs, please click on any of the jobs lists or view all Care Assistant Jobs below.