01 November 2017

International Stress Awareness Day: How do you cope?

stressed lady

Today is International Stress Awareness Day, a day that aims to highlight the issue of stress and the harmful effects it can have on our everyday lives. Nursing and caring have been identified as occupations that have high levels of stress so learning to manage that stress is important to avoiding burnout, distress and/or illness.

Stress can be dangerous not just to yourself but for the people in your care. The symptoms of being stressed include; difficulty concentrating, racing thoughts and difficulty making decisions. These can result in basic mistakes or more serious ones such as errors with administrating medications.

Some tips to reducing stress

Plan your day – Running around in a disorganised panic is not exactly conducive to a serene state of mind. You’ve likely got a lot on your plate from getting the kids ready for school to getting yourself to work, so it pays to establish a routine (easier said than done) and do your best to stick to it. It’s amazing how much easier things can be when you feel like you’re in control.

Connect with your colleagues – Healthcare work can be very stressful and emotionally draining so make sure to share your thoughts and feelings with your colleagues. Chances are they have experienced similar things to you and will understand what you’re going through. By sharing what is stressing you with others, you could come up with ways to improve things and reduce stress in the future.

Get a good amount of sleep – Make sure you try and get a full night’s sleep. You can read more about the importance of getting a good night’s sleep here.

Look after yourself– It may seem obvious but having a healthy diet and keeping yourself physically fit goes a long way to helping reduce stress levels. If you feel good about yourself, then you are likely to be happier in all areas of life including work.   

Make the most of your free time – Use your free time to do the things you enjoy. Relaxing, exercising and being with friends and loved ones are all proven ways to help you switch off from the stress of work and reduce your stress levels. A few minutes a day doing what you want to do can be a big stress reliever.

For further advice on how to reduce stress and other issues please check out the mywellbeing section of myNewcross. 

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