07 December 2018

Introducing… Clinical Governance Scotland!

You may already be aware that we have a Clinical Governance team based in Bristol, supporting Newcross nurses with various aspects of their day-to-day jobs and administration activities.

In an effort to both achieve and maintain a consistent quality of service across the organisation, we are also rolling out a centralised Clinical Governance Scotland team.

“Scotland operates a little differently to the rest of the UK, from a qualifications and protocol perspective, so it makes sense that we provide a dedicated clinical advice and guidance team for nurses located here,” said Michelle Gorringe, Managing Director.

Newcross is currently in the midst of appointing two further members of staff to support Samantha Beckers, our Clinical Governance Advisor, who is based in the Kirkcaldy branch.

Juliette Millard, Head of Clinical Governance, said, “We believe that more centralised, ongoing support will enable our branch staff to focus on the job at hand and dedicate appropriate time and resource to the things that matter most to our staff such as managing client relationships, handling availability issues and delivering the best employee experience possible.” 

The team will offer:

  • Support and advice on clinical issues for both our healthcare employees and branches.
  • Ongoing assistance with revalidation for nurses.
  • Call the team with questions about medication, best practice or for a second opinion.

For help and advice 9 am to 5.30 pm Monday to Friday, please call 01592 395 052 and ask to speak to a member of our Clinical Nurse Advisor Team.

Or email on clinicalgovernancescotland@newcrosshealthcare.com