14 December 2017

A journey of a lifetime

Taking on the mountainous peaks of the Himalayas is no easy feat, especially when you end up in hospital half way up a mountain with a chest infection, bronchitis and tonsillitis. Our HR Business Partner, Adam Beckles, tells us about his incredible journey from deciding to attempt the largest mountain in the world during a round of golf, to scaling the rocky roads to Mount Everest.

Prayer flags

18 months ago I decided to embark on this crazy expedition with long time friend, Ashley Morgan. We wanted to combine an adventure alongside raising money for charity, and it didn’t hurt that it was ticking it off my bucket list. For months, most weekends and evenings were consumed with countless amounts of training, both locally and across the nation’s best ‘hilly bits’!


The expedition took just shy of four weeks, the nerves started to kick in when we got to Kathmandu in Nepal. Home to Mount Everest, we climbed two peaks in the Himalayas, Imja Tse [height of 6,189m] and Kala Patthar [height of 5,643m]. An average day consisted of scaling the ‘Himalayan flats’ allowing our bodies to adjust to altitude, gawping at the scenery and of course drinking the locals favourite lemon tea!


My time climbing took an unexpected turn when a cough and cold turned into a chest infection, bronchitis and tonsillitis. This left me with a heart rate of 154 and oxygen level of 62 and a stay in hospital for 2 days. We faced some of nature’s more extreme weather conditions, but also got to experience nature’s true beauty.


Our time in the Himalayas was nothing that we could ever expect, from the kindness of local people to the adaptive creativity, to complete tasks most Westerners take for granted. No such thing as click and collect on the mountain!


The trip and kit was fully self-funded and we managed to raise £2,472.51 for charity, just shy of our overall goal of £2,500. The money will be split across five charities, all of which have a personal reasoning behind why they were picked. Now back in the UK I am still trying to digest the epic feat we partook in, but one thing is for sure - I will definitely return.