10 November 2017

From Kidneys to Complex Care


A new addition to the Clinical Governance team.

Newcross Healthcare’s Clinical Governance team continues to expand as we hire more Advisors to support and guide our healthcare staff. Among our latest additions is Charlotte Baranowski. She’s a registered nurse who has previously worked in a number of specialist fields including organ transplants and spinal rehabilitation. We met with Charlotte and asked her a few questions about her past experiences and current role.

What did you do before joining Newcross?

Before joining Newcross, I worked as a recovery nurse at Bristol’s Southmead hospital and did a short stint as a renal transplant co-ordinator. Southmead is home to the largest Renal Transplant service in the southwest. It carries out more than 100 kidney transplants every year, so I was always kept busy!

Can you tell us more about your time as a Renal Transplant Coordinator?

It was my job to support patients through the renal transplant process and communicate with the patient, doctors and hospital. I also arranged and scheduled patients for pre-transplant testing. I would search to locate donors and would then test any donors for compatibility. Once a donor was found I would schedule the patient for the surgery and then arrange follow-up care needed after the procedure. It was a very challenging role but thrilling to see the difference that you can make to people’s lives.

Why did you want to join Newcross?

I’d worked for Newcross before as an RGN in establishment and had a very positive experience. It was great to have a chance to come back to help support the fantastic nurses that work in both establishment and Complex Care. I need to feel good about my work. It may sound like a cliché, but it’s the people that make Newcross what it is; their passion and devotion.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

Being a Clinical Advisor is a great opportunity to listen to fellow healthcare professionals and understand the challenges they’re facing. Although I’m not in uniform, my job is still very much nursing, only now I’m providing care and expertise to support other nurses who are in turn looking after service users.

My job allows me to meet and speak to a wide variety of people in a wide range of care environment; they all have very different needs. I’m a naturally gregarious and chatty person, so the busier I am, the better.

It’s very rewarding to be able to share my own experience with colleagues, guiding my fellow nurses to help improve their practice. Newcross has always been obsessed with standards – in a good way, of course! It’s really gratifying to play such a central role in promoting best practice. Nursing is always changing, and we’re constantly adapting and improving what we do. There’s never a dull moment!

What do you like to do outside of work?

Right now, I’m mostly being a mum.  I have a beautiful 20-month-old daughter who has taken over my life! If I do get some ‘down time’ I like to spend it with friends and family and perhaps enjoy the occasional glass of prosecco!

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