18 September 2018

Kirkcaldy Healthcare Coordinator, Kellie Crooks, completes daring fire walk for Kat's Mission

We've all heard the expression "playing with fire" in our time. Last week, HCC Kellie Crooks did just that, raising money for a local charity by completing a fire walk over scalding hot coals. We reached out to her branch, to find out more about the remarkable fundraiser... 

Kellie, was it a painful experience?

"The fire walk itself was a strange feeling, it wasn't that hot surprisingly. We had a workshop beforehand which was fantastic. We even broke an arrow on our throat. unfortunately I don't have photos of that one, though."

Have you ever done a fire walk before?

This was my first fire walk for charity and it's definitely something I'd consider doing again in the future.  I have previously done a bungee jump for charity and recently myself and a group of friends organised a superhero themed disco for Kat's Mission and two other charities. 

Can you tell us a bit about Kat's Mission?

The objective of the group is to raise and distribute funds for the relief of those in need, by reason of ill-health, age, disability, financial hardship or other disadvantage - in Fife principally - but elsewhere in Scotland from time to time. The charity helps people from all walks of life, in all different scenarios. Some examples of things the project has funded are awarded funding to the parent of a premature baby, joining up with a soup kitchen at St Columba's Church in Glenrothes, and organising a Santa's Sleigh for the community. 

Congratulations to Kellie for this brilliant achievement. We look forward to hearing about your next charitable escapade. 

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Photography: Vince Graham, Dunfermline Camera Club