04 February 2019

Leaders of the future: Our Explorers graduate!


Last week, ten of the Newcross family graduated from our Explorer programme, which takes our existing or aspiring team leaders on a 10-month journey of exploring how they can achieve results through other people.

The participants were awarded their certificates upon completion of the programme in Colston Tower, Bristol. Operations Director, Geoff White, Employee Experience  Director, Tracy O’Kennedy,  Finance Director, Helen Chadwick, and Head of Learning and Development, Mark Story, were all in attendance to celebrate the group's achievement.

Employee Experience Director, Tracy, told us about the content of the programme:

"How often are we given a fresh opportunity to understand ourselves: our forehands, backhands and superpowers?

"Leaders are those in life who step in, seek out and develop meaningful human relationships and use courage, optimism and perseverance to lead people to achieve beyond their imagined boundaries. 

"Our Explorer 3 cohort were identified and selected from diverse teams across operations and support services. They signed up to have their leadership and management approaches scrutinised and unpicked, revealing the truth of who they are and what they stand for. 

"After six months of practice, including direct feedback and honest conversations, the programme culminated last week in a final presentation to the directors. We challenged their approach, tested their commitment and prodded their business plans -and thoroughly enjoyed listening to the new stories they have written for themselves and their ambitions for the future. 

"I am the proud sponsor of ‘Explorer’ as a beacon of excellence for genuine leadership development. Our ten graduates last week spoke of creating meaningful change within themselves and their teams. It was a pleasure to witness their commitment to themselves and to the future development of our business."

Organiser, Management Development Specialist, Ole Dodwell, said:

"It's a privilege to be part of an organisation where personal development is so valued and these Explorers have fully embraced the programme throughout.  I'm so proud of them for sharing their development stories with our board of directors who were truly inspired by them.  Explorers are our leaders of the future and I look forward to seeing them delivering results with their new skills."

Congratulations to all the Explorers: 

Kiersten Cornwall Cook - Learning & Development

Tracy Ellicott - Plymouth

Charlotte Baines - Liverpool

Calum Jones - Central Recruitment

Katie McElroy - Worcester

Stacy Smith - Edinburgh

Julie McAlonan - Glasgow

Michelle Little - Colwyn Bay

Arpana Rana - Payroll

Steph Nicol - Hereford

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