13 February 2015

Leading online healthcare community #NurChat attracts top healthcare professionals

The latest #NurChat discussion held on 10th February saw top health professionals from across the sector sharing their thoughts on the role that every individual has to play in the future of the Internet, and especially the use of social media sites. The Chief Executive and Director of Continued Practice from the Nursing and Midwifery Council both shared their expertise and highlighted the section of the new code that ‘recognises boundaries but emphasises the positives’ of social media use.

The #NurChat discussion was held in partnership with Safer Internet Day 2015 and the conversation addressed how each individual has a role to play in making the Internet a better place, but social media featured heavily throughout. Just some of the positives that were highlighted were the opportunities for learning, networking, sharing information and support during challenging times.

It has always been clear how much potential social media sites have for allowing the free movement of information and discussion, and the nursing and healthcare community on Twitter is taking full advantage of the opportunity for regular discussion. Having input from senior professionals within the sector can only continue to validate the role that social networking has for healthcare professionals in their professional lives.

56% of the entire UK population utilise a social network at least once a week, with Facebook and Twitter still the top two most used sites (Source: Ofcom, 2014). It’s no surprise that registered members for these sites continues to grow, because this type of networking offers so many benefits.

The absence of any organisational hierarchy offers users the chance to connect and communicate with individuals that they may otherwise not have the opportunity to. Shared knowledge and experience through these open channels have certainly been a benefit seen by many on an individual level as well as on a national scale. The sharing of actions taken as part of national initiatives such as NHS Change Day has given strength for tangible changes to be made for the better of patients and colleagues.

The #NurChat community continues to grow and attract a wide-ranging participant base including expert patients, student nurses and healthcare sector leaders. The regular discussions provide an accessible platform for even the novice social media users to get involved in the conversation. Supported by Newcross Healthcare, #NurChat was created as a way of connecting nurses and healthcare professionals for the purpose of discussing best practice and current affairs in healthcare.

Newcross Healthcare CEO Stephen Pattrick said, “We’re thrilled that #NurChat has become so popular and is attracting input from senior healthcare professionals. It adds to the validity of the discussion, but also helps cement the role that social media has to play in the future of communication within the healthcare sector.”