05 April 2018

Leaving his Mark. The man that does it all!

At Newcross, it’s safe to say, we only hire extraordinary people! Colchester-based Healthcare Assistant, Mark Newell, recently celebrated a huge landmark in his career - having worked in care for over forty years. Our Social Media Champion and Ipswich Healthcare Coordinator, Katie Morton, met with Mark to discover the secret behind his impressive career.

Mark was first inspired to begin his journey into care work in 1977, whilst working as a lifeguard at a local swimming pool. During a visit from a group of children from a nearby children’s home, whilst teaching them to swim, he realised that he wanted to help others full time! 

In the outset, Mark volunteered with people with learning disabilities, until April 1979. Thereafter, he worked in a children’s home up until 1986, before moving on to work more closely with the elderly. After excelling as an Assistant Manager, he climbed the ladder to become Assistant Relief Manager. That was just the start…

Mark’s experience goes far beyond providing exceptional care. He was a moving and handling trainer for five years, working closely with Essex County Council. Dedicated to ensuring those in care were provided with the highest quality of assistance, Mark continued, setting up his own training company, traveling throughout the country.  

After living a life based around hard work, not only in the healthcare industry, but also in banks and cafés, Mark felt as though he was ready to resign to retirement. However, a mere three weeks later, he was tired of having little to do and was on the lookout for his next endeavour.

That’s when Mark discovered Newcross.

Mark is now unstoppable! Working for Newcross at the Ipswich branch on a part-time basis has allowed him to continue doing what he loves - on his own terms. Mark spreads out the rest of his time helping out at Open Road, a registered charity that provides support for individuals affected by drugs and alcohol and conducting age assessments, helping social workers and interpreters to communicate with younger adults who have come to the UK either illegally or for any other reason. 

Mark is also a family man, married with two children, yet he still makes time to dedicate his weekends to help with the local football teams as their medic, which he has been doing for a whopping thirty-five years. 

When asked about how care has progressed from the 1970s until now, Mark was quick to respond. “There is so much more paperwork, far more training that has to be completed and not enough time to spend with the residents getting to know them as an individual. There are a lot more policies and procedures in place for the good reasons, however it has changed a lot since I first started.”

He continued, "I enjoy going to work, it’s a pleasure to work with these people. I love what I do." When further questioned regarding what advice he would give to someone starting a career in care, his answer was simple. "Be yourself, be open, trustworthy and reliable. Most importantly always listen to advice!"

We are exceptionally proud to have Mark as part of our team. His wealth of knowledge, compassionate nature and incredible care skills together make him a vital cog in our team at Newcross.  

Not all heroes wear capes!