02 June 2017

Midwifery and Morris Dancing

Originally from Liverpool Susanne started her career in recruitment aged 16, during which she started up the classroom assistants and a supply teacher agency. After relocating to Buckinghamshire with her children Susanne took a big career change into midwifery!

"I worked as a midwife for 3 years, but missed the office lifestyle and was working far too many nights and weekends. My poor children missed their mum! So, I thought, what job can I leave my vocation as a midwife for, and what better than recruitment?" Susanne then returned to her home town, Liverpool after 8 months and applied to Newcross."

"I was fortunate to discover Newcross which is the best of both worlds for me. Healthcare and recruitment....dream job!"

"I am excited to be back in my home town and with a fantastic team by my side. I am striving to get Liverpool to the point were we are the strongest office in the North West. This success will hopefully be reflected by increasing our client base, and entering territories that we don't currently cover."

Something many of you may be surprised to hear is that Susanne used to get involved in Morris Dancing, now we aren't talk about the sticks and bells dancing, but a different style of dancing [a fluffy type of Morris Dancing]. It is almost a cross between river dancing and cheer leading. We definitely look forward to seeing this in the future! Welcome to Newcross Susanne.

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