24 January 2018

Newcross Apprentices launch healthcare careers in Truro

We’re delighted to report that two of our staff have successfully completed apprenticeship programmes and have been promoted. Olivia Hamilton meets our latest rising stars 

After months of course work, exams and assessments, two of our apprentices have reached the finishing line. And their hard work has been worthwhile as they’ve both landed permanent positions in our growing Truro branch.

Tom Praed-Mather and Shania Walker both joined Newcross in February 2017 in the latest intake of talent for our growing apprenticeship programme.


Tom, a keen sports fan who enjoys running and plays for the Colts Team of Penryn Rugby Club, admits that becoming a Newcross Apprentice helped him to think in more detail about his career.

To be honest, it’s difficult to figure out what you want from the world of work without knowing all the options. I joined Newcross after living and working in Australia for four years. I wasn’t really sure about my next steps,” he explained.  Being an apprentice puts you straight into a professional environment. I got the chance to learn practical skills in the Truro team which is a great place to see how the organisation works.”     

Tom studied a range of subjects in his course which supported his day to day learning in branch, and a range of business administration modules. By the time he had qualified, he was sure he wanted to stay in the Truro branch. He’s now a Healthcare Coordinator where he’s responsible for matching up the needs of clients and service users with our healthcare professionals. He allocates shifts and ensures that the staff we deploy have the best skills and experience for each assignment.   


Shania joined Newcross at the same time as Tom and was placed as an apprentice in the Truro Complex Care branch. Her course was built around attaining a Business Administration Level 2 NVQ.  “I come from a big family – I’m one of 7 children – so I’m naturally a very gregarious person,” Shania told us. “Working in the Complex Care team I’m in my element. I deal with so many different people every day. It’s really rewarding to finish a day knowing that we’ve helped to make a positive difference to people’s lives.”  It seems Shania has landed her ideal role, taking on the position of Complex Care Coordinator. “It’s similar in many ways to the Healthcare Coordinator position but in Complex Care, a lot of the work involves longer term placements which are typically one-to-one and delivered in the service user’s home.

Tracy O’Kennedy, Director of Human Resources, is the champion of the Newcross Apprenticeship programme. She’s also been the architect of a wider investment to grow the Newcross Learning & Development team. When we spoke to Tracy, she was evidently very proud of Tom and Shania’s achievements. “Yes. It’s wonderful news. It’s a real privilege to be able to provide the support and opportunities to give talented people a pathway for their career. Tom and Shania have worked so hard and are already shaping up to be valuable members of the Newcross family.”

The Truro branch sits within the South West Region of Newcross, which is overseen by Mandy Hamilton, Regional Operations Manager. Mandy was keen to emphasise the importance of branch staff.

Healthcare is a very broad sector, encompassing a huge range of disciplines, skills and roles,” she told us. The most obvious specialisms are in clinical and care roles such as nursing, complex care and care in the home. However, it’s important to remember that we also need smart, qualified people to co-ordinate and oversee the services we deliver. In short, some of our most valuable staff are not in uniform!”

You can find out more about the Newcross Apprenticeships here. Our latest office-based job opportunities are updated daily here.