02 December 2016

Newcross confirms training and jobs boost for Taunton

Newcross Healthcare, the UK’s leading independent provider of healthcare staff, are pleased to announce further investment in the South West as we move to larger premises.

Our new Taunton branch, with enhanced training facilities and clinical support, is part of an on-going programme of expansion that will generate up to 100 new jobs for local people.  
We were originally founded in the South West and have been providing high quality, personalised care since 1996. Since then we’ve grown into an award-wining network of 54 centres across the UK.

Our local Nurses, Healthcare Assistants and Support Workers have been helping sick and vulnerable people across Somerset since 2004. 

Our team works in a variety of environments including hospitals, clinics, hospices, nursing homes and increasingly provides care in peoples’ own homes. The Stapleton Road location for the expanded centre was chosen to ensure links with the local community are maintained.

James McAlpine, the Centre Manager said: “We have all worked hard to build a reputation for high standards.  Our staff are all permanent employees and since day one we’ve been meticulous about training, development and clinical supervision. It makes a huge difference. Trust is so important. 

 “We’re launching 12 new interactive healthcare courses, which make learning more engaging and effective for our staff. We’re constantly looking for better ways to provide care and Taunton has a great track record for innovation. ” 

In recent years, the Taunton team has seen a particularly rapid increase in demand in this area during a period when the quality of care is under greater scrutiny than ever before. Demand has been driven in part by an ageing population and changes in the way healthcare is funded and delivered.

Life expectancy in Somerset is higher than the national average and is increasing. However, ‘healthy life expectancy’ - the average age at which we can expect to remain free from long-term health problems - has not increased to the same extent. 

There are many health issues affecting the population. In particular dementia is likely to be considerable challenge in Somerset with the growth in numbers of people over the age of 85.

James added: “ Even with a common condition like dementia, every individual is different. Our nurses and carers work with people to create a personalised care plan based on their needs and preferences. It’s really important that people receiving care are involved in the decision making process.

“It’s an exciting time for us in Taunton. I’m very proud of what we have achieved so far and both and we’re very optimistic about our future. This move will provide us with the opportunity to continue to extend and improve our services with existing clients.  We'll also be able develop new relationships with people who need our services and employ more nurses and carers.”

Providing care in an environment people feel safe in is essential and central to our unique approach. 
At Newcross we see the individual, not just the care plan and as a result we form long term, trusting relationships that enable us to foster positive working relationships. 

You can find out more about job opportunities in Taunton here