16 January 2019

Newcross Healthcare becomes an End-Point Assessor


On January 15th, it was confirmed that Newcross Healthcare Solutions is to become an end-point assessment organisation for apprenticeships in the UK. Newcross Healthcare is the very first care provider to be approved as an end-point assessor for Lead Adult Care Worker and Adult Care Worker standards. 

Last year, the government launched a new end-point assessment (EPA) for apprenticeships.

What is an 'EPA'? 

The EPA is a holistic assessment of the knowledge, skills and behaviours outlined and learned throughout the apprenticeship programme. It takes place when an apprentice finishes their apprenticeship with an employer.

Newcross Healthcare's Head of EPA's and Apprenticeships, Kelly Marie Harris, said:

"After researching the new process of end-point assessments it was clear that becoming an EPA organisation would be a natural fit for Newcross. EPA, unlike the old framework, focuses on the assessment of whole work activities, rather than specific elements.

"These assessments are carried out by current and relevant occupationally experienced individuals by an organisation that has the expertise and capacity to design, develop and deliver the EPA methods as set out in the assessment plan.

"With a workforce in excess of seven-thousand across the whole of the UK, carrying out thousands of clinical competency assessments, shadow shifts, virtual shifts, and clinical training for our own workforce - who better to support that final assessment?

"What does this mean for Newcross? For me, it underpins our constant drive for clinical excellence in all we do, not only for Newcross Healthcare but also for the sector. The first two standards are just the start and we are very much looking forward to growing our delivery model alongside the new standards developing within the healthcare/clinical sector."

Newcross Healthcare is also part of the research panel for ESFA to help give insight into the EPA as an organisation.

Why should you choose Newcross to be your End-Point Assessor?

  • We have a core skill set.
  • We have a fantastic reputation among those we care for.
  • We have a network of centres all over the UK so we are able to deliver a nationwide service.
  • We are a technology-driven organisation and have the resource to deliver the EPA. 

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