13 October 2017

Newcross Helps Support Mental Health Awareness

October 10th was Mental Health Awareness day which saw events being held up and down the country to highlight the issue of mental health.

Newcross Healthcare plays its part in offering mental health support to colleagues via https://www.mynewcross.com/my-wellbeing

myWellbeing Icon

This section of our staff intranet provides you with links to a host of information sources that can help with mental health. We want all of our employees to be able to provide excellence in healthcare and recognise that at times you will need extra support so that you can feel mentally and physically well.

A growing issue

According to a recently released report from NHS Digital, a sixth of the population in England and Wales are living with a mental health problem. The report also shows that the number of people with mental health problems has increased in all age groups but especially the 16-65-year-old group. 21st-century living appears to be adding to the numbers with experts theorising that social media, the media, economic uncertainty and rising lifestyle expectations are all playing a part in increasing stress levels and mental health problems.

Being stressed increases the strain on you both physically and mentally, but fortunately, there are measures you can take to help you reduce your stress levels.

Some tips on how to reduce work-related stress

  • Ask for assistance – Everyone needs help from time to time so don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it. Establish realistic goals and plan how you can solve any issues you’re having.
  • Time management – Effective management of your time can be a great stress reliever. Ensure you have ample time to get things done and not leave them to the last minute and create a panic-inducing situation. Give each task you’re assigned your full attention and try not to do too much at the same time.
  • Have a good work-life balance – Be sure to make time for yourself and to nurture relationships with your friends and family members. By staying fresh, you are a far more likely to be happier in your role.
  • Develop good relationships with your colleagues. Having a supportive team provides a support network that makes being at work more enjoyable.
  • Communicate - If you don’t feel supported it can make you miserable and stressed. If you feel this way, then communicate it.

The tips above can help you reduce stress in the workplace and benefit all aspects of your life, so you can come to work feeling great!