26 February 2018

Newcross Nurse Norma's life saving CPR

Our Amazing Nurse Norma saves a life on her way home

Newcross Nurses are used to providing healthcare when they’re on duty but sometimes their expertise is called upon when they’re least expecting it. That’s what happened to Norma Malpass, RN from our Cannock Branch, one Saturday night when her training and quick thinking helped to save a life.

Whilst driving home from a long nursing shift on Saturday evening in the Cannock area, Norma noticed something was wrong. Several cars were pulled over to the side of the road and a few people were huddled over someone lying on the floor.

Realising that there was a problem, Norma pulled over and went to see if she could assist. As Norma neared the panicked crowd she saw a young lady was unconscious on the floor. Quick to react, Norma identified herself as a nurse and calmly took over.

Tragically, the young lady wasn’t breathing and had no pulse. Norma immediately directed the others to help, and with their assistance she began performing vital CPR.

Newcross delivers hundreds of courses to healthcare workers every month

"Newcross delivers hundreds of courses to healthcare workers every month. CPR is unquestionably one of the most valuable.”

In most care environments, a defibrillator would be used to restart the patient’s heart but in the absence of specialist equipment, Norma relied on her first aid skills. After an agonising period of treatment, Norma gained a faint pulse, which persisted for a short time before fading again.

Undeterred, the tenacious Norma would not give up on her, and soldiered on. With assistance from the onlookers, she bravely continued the lifesaving CPR and once again regained a pulse. With continued efforts, the pulse gained strength and miraculously the lady began breathing. Norma continued to monitor and care for the lady until the ambulance came to take her to hospital.

As the young lady was taken in to the ambulance the crowd cheered and gave Norma a worthy round of applause.

Rachel Bailey, Branch Manager for Newcross Cannock was keen to emphasise that Norma's actions were above and beyond the normal duties of a nurse. "People always ask how Newcross Nurses are different. This is a clear example; not everyone would have stopped to help. The result is not just the saving of a life but also the impact on her family. I am proud to have Norma on my team." 

The incredible Norma and the people with her managed to save the young lady’s life, giving her a second chance. Without Norma she might not be here today.

“I think this incident illustrates the value of training, particularly with vital first aid skills,” said Mark Story, Head of Learning & Development. “We deliver hundreds of courses to healthcare workers every month and CPR is unquestionably one of the most valuable.

“We’re enormously proud of our nurses at Newcross,” added Stephen Pattrick, CEO and co-founder of Newcross. “They’re not just highly skilled but also always ready to go the extra mile. Norma is a real credit to her profession and I’m delighted that she’s part of our team.”