04 March 2015

#Nurchat discusses creating lasting change through NHS Change Day

This week’s #NurChat’s discussion, ‘Creating Lasting Change with NHS Change Day’ was joined by a very special guest, Jackie Lynton, Head of Transformation at NHSIQ and NHS Change Day.

The popular Twitter based chat, held on the 3rd March, comes just 1 week before NHS Change Day 2015 and saw many participants discussing their ideas and proposed pledges for reform, as well as sharing their first-hand experiences since 2014.  First launched in 2013, NHS Change Day has grown in popularity every year since, with last year seeing an incredible 500,000 pledges being made by individuals, teams and organisations. 

"I would like to change more recognition of frontline staff to enable bottom up change."  Jackie Lynton  (photo)

Aiming to involve as many people as possible, NHS Change Day recognises that the biggest impact can come from the smallest changes and the best ideas can come from anyone, not just managers.  NHS Change Day has created many new innovations, from anti-bullying schemes, to ‘Skin to Skin’ contact for mothers and newborns, changes to student learning and even simple measures such as staff introducing themselves to patients. 

Supported by Newcross Healthcare, #NurChat was created as a way of connecting nurses and healthcare professionals for the purpose of discussing best practice and current affairs in healthcare. #NurChat attracts a wide-ranging participant base including nurses, student nurses, patients, healthcare assistants and healthcare sector leaders. The bi-weekly discussions are held on Twitter and free for all to join.

If you would like to find out more about NHS Change Day you can do so by clicking here http://changeday.nhs.uk/

photo rights: The Guardian