28 December 2012

NurChat helps kick start NHS Change Day

NurChat has always supported healthcare professionals online getting together to discuss pertinent issues in the sector, but this was the first opportunity to partner with such an exciting project with the lofty aim of making tangible change in the NHS.

NHS Change Day is hoping to attract voluntary pledges for change from no less than 65,000 NHS staff members, and on 13th March 2013, those changes will be implemented. Pledges for change can include any type of activity that promotes positive outcomes, improves customer service, streamlines communication or creates positivity in the workplace.

In one of the busiest NurChat discussions ever held, 35 people all contributed their ideas on the practical changes that could be achieved, with many emphasising a return to the essential principles of nursing such as knowing your patients and adopting an approach to managing wellbeing rather than treating sickness.

NurChat facilitator Donna Mullikin RN said, "It was one of the most exciting discussions we've ever held, and with so many people passionate about change in the NHS, it was really inspiring to see some excellent suggestions for change being put forward."