11 August 2011

NurChat launches on Twitter!

This week has seen the advent of an innovation in social media for nurses.  The UK's very first live twitter chat for nurses took place - NurChat.  Newcross feel proud to be able to say that we are supporting this initiative. 

At Newcross we have always been keen to use any opportunities that create and share knowledge and that drive positive changes in the way we work.

One such recent opportunity was bought to our attention by one of our own practicing nurses - Teresa Chinn RN. It was pointed out to us that many types of nurse feel disconnected to the nursing community; modern lifestyles and the structuring of healthcare provision were some of the reasons why this happens.  In addition to this  professional development for nurses has long been achieved by nurses through sharing best practices, working alongside and supporting each other  - or by merely just by nurses talking to each other.  When it was suggested that social media could bridge this gap within the nursing community and at the same time create an effective means to enhance professional development we knew we had to get involved.

Newcross are delighted and proud to be involved in this initiative and supporting the needs of Nurchat.  We very much hope that this initiative goes from strength to strength and look forward to continuing  to support this project as it grows (and no doubt diversifies) to meet the needs of the nursing community. At Newcross we believe in excellence in healthcare and promoting any initiates that aid the nurse community to achieve excellence.  Newcross are wholeheartedly promoting and supporting Nurchat because we believe that it will help promote excellence in the delivery of healthcare.

Michelle Pattrick RN, Newcross Managing Director commented:


I understand firsthand how busy nurses are so it is really exciting to see something available for the nursing community that can access anywhere anytime to chat online to other nurses and healthcare professionals in all clinical areas.  NurChat has created a platform to enables nurses from all backgrounds to communicate, share information and ideas with one another which previously may not have been possible which.  I am really looking forward to seeing NurChat evolve and grow to encompass the whole nurse community and I would personally encourage all nurses and healthcare professionals to join NurChat.


If you would like more details about NurChat please don't hesitate to get in contact either with Newcross or by following @NurChat on twitter.