03 November 2017

Our Explorers graduate with flying colours

Explorer graduates2017

Last week saw the conclusion of our pioneering Explorer Programme, which is aimed to develop new Team Leaders and aspiring future Managers.

The Explorer programme is built upon three principles:

1. Self Awareness is the key to successful development

2. Real Life is best classroom and the best teacher

3. You need someone else with you on the way to help you learn the lessons.

The programme consists of a series of workshops, one to one coaching, co-mentoring and masterclasses provided by our very own Board of Directors. The Explorers themselves provided the final masterclass back to our Board of Directors where they shared their development journeys.

Ole Dodwell, Management Development Specialist who designed and ran the programme said, "My colleagues and I in the Learning and Development Team have poured all of our experience of developing new managers into our exclusive investment programmes, and we believe we have created something that our Explorers will be able to draw on for the rest of their lives. We have also created some life-changing experiences along the way."

"It has been my honour to watch these new leaders emerge through the support and challenge they have brought to one another and whilst it's not been an easy ride, they are truly better versions of themselves"

Co-founder and Managing Director, Michelle Gorringe said, “We are so proud of our first set of Explorers, it was fantastic to see just how far they have come in the past 10 months.”

The Explorer programme equips participants with the ability to take real life experiences and turn them into valuable learning opportunities through reflection. The Explorer Programme has been the first of a series of exclusive investment programmes that Newcross provides to its office employees.

If you'd like to learn more about our development programmes look here.