12 October 2018

Our Isle of Wight Complex Care Team achieve Outstanding in CQC Inspection

At Newcross, we're proud to foster only the highest standards of healthcare. Every so often, our branches are inspected by the CQC, whose job it is to register health and adult social care service providers in England and to inspect whether or not standards are being met. 

Earlier today, our Isle of Wight team were made aware that following their inspection, they achieved  an 'Outstanding' score rating in the Effective, Responsive, Caring and Well-led categories. They also received 'Good' rating in the Safe category. 

Isle of Wight Complex Care Manager, Sarah Brownrigg, told us,

"We set out what good and outstanding care looks like and we make sure services meet fundamental standards below which care must never fall." - Care Quality Commission

"I am speechless, which doesn't happen often! I could not be any more proud of what we have achieved here and the team can't wait to start sharing the news that our staff have been recognised for the amazing job they do day-in day-out. Back in January,when I started, I set out three goals that I wanted our branch to achieve this year and obtaining an outstanding rating was one of those."

"Hearing this news today after a long wait is not just an achievement in itself, but it is the final achievement of those initial three goals. I could not ask for a more dedicated, committed and passionate team that continuously go above and beyond for both the staff and our clients. 

Everyone should feel immensely proud of themselves and has every right to shout about this, as they have all contributed and been a part of this achievement in some way or another. We look forward to building on this and it seems we better set out some new goals for our branch."

The rest of the team were equally pleased with the news. Complex Care Field Team Leader Ami Saunders said she's 'ecstatic' and Lead Nurse Marilyn Westmore commented, saying she's "really pleased to have joined this wonderful team" and is "grateful that she can be apart of what we offer and deliver to our staff and clients."

Congratulations to Sarah and the rest of the Isle of Wight Complex Care team on their well-deserved results. 

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