07 December 2018

Our Newcastle team take their dogs on a Christmas visit to local care homes

They say dogs are "man's best friend". This week, Newcross team leader, Tracey Craig, and healthcare co-ordinator, Cheryl Davison, took their dogs to visit residents of some local care homes.

Tracey said, "It's that time of year again in Newcastle when we take the lovely Odie and Chico to the care homes getting into that Christmas spirit and putting smiles on the faces of the residents."

"We visited two homes. The dogs loved meeting the residents and the residents were so happy to see them. One lady  said this is the "best Christmas present".

"I have emailed the manager of the home pictures of the dog as that very happy resident would like to put them on her wall and we have all been invited to the home's Christmas fair. It was a visit enjoyed by all!"

Interaction between care home residents and a well-trained, friendly pet can help with a variety of physical and mental health issues. Pet therapy has been proven to improve overall cardiovascular health, reduce blood pressure and release endorphins. 

Has your dog ever visited a care home? Let us know! Email you photos and news into marketing@newcrosshealthcare.com