12 July 2018

Quick Thinking from HCA Maggie Saves Life

Epilepsy is a neurological condition with a wide range of seizure types, making it a tricky condition to understand. Symptoms vary from person-to-person and can include loss of consciousness, anxiety and confusion. At Newcross, our nurses are trained to handle the onset of epilepsy, which brings us to our story…

Maggie Sowden, a Healthcare Assistant based in our Nottingham branch, acted fast in an emergency situation abroad, when a fellow holiday-maker experienced a sudden epileptic seizure. Having never experienced a seizure before, her family and friends were completely unprepared and didn't know what to do.

Due to Maggie's quick-thinking and her swift actions that followed, the lady was stabilised, before being treated at a nearby hospital.  The paramedic at the scene told the lady’s family that Maggie's actions had undoubtedly helped to reduce any long-term damage.

Later that evening, Maggie was rewarded with a huge bunch of flowers from the lady’s husband, who could not thank her enough. 


 Congratulations Maggie, from all of us at Newcross Healthcare!


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