08 September 2017

Rising through the ranks with Newcross


Working for Newcross Healthcare means that you have plenty of opportunities to progress your career. Our groundbreaking Explorer Programme gives our staff the confidence and skills to progress into leadership roles throughout the business.

Two of our recent graduates from the Explorer Programme Becci Buck and Lynden Griffiths are embarking on the next phase of their Newcross careers.

Mandy Hamilton, Regional Operations Manager for the South West region, said; “I am delighted to have Becci join the South West managers team. Her dedication to develop and push herself has been admirable, her commitment to the Explorer Programme has been noticeable and has really made her challenge herself on how she is seen to the wider company.  I now believe that Becci will fully embrace the Trainee BCM programme and drive Exeter Complex Care to the next level.”

“I am thrilled to see Lynden move into his well deserved new role as Launch Support Manager.  Lynden has been a major part of the Truro success in recent years as well as supporting a number of branches throughout the South West.  Lynden is due to complete his Team Leader explorer program which has helped him to move to a new level in leadership.  The enthusiasm and comment he put into the program were outstanding and how he challenged himself to move out of his comfort zone was a credit to him.”

We asked Becci and Lynden about the Explorer programme, and their exciting new roles.

How long have you worked for Newcross Healthcare and what attracted you to the company?

Becci - I have worked for Newcross for almost exactly 2 years. I came to Newcross because they had the same values and ethics that I wanted from a Healthcare provider, something that the company I was working for at the time did not have. I also wanted a new challenge and something that would suit me and my family more so than where I was currently working. From talking with those who interviewed me, I quickly discovered that the job would not have a negative impact on mine and my family’s life, so I jumped at the chance when I was offered the role of Complex Care Co-ordinator.

Lynden- I started working for Newcross in 2014, so I am in my 4th year already. I was really impressed with the company’s resources and their ability to support a wider array of clients and service users. Coming from a smaller company and more often not being able to support clients in times of need was very frustrating. Newcross was ahead of the times with more up to date technology, and already  an established company appealed to me. I really wanted to be part of a bigger company to progress in my career.

How does your new role vary from your old one?

Becci – “My new role of Trainee CC Manager will be my first role where I am not only responsible for managing the team in the office but the carers too. As a team leader, this responsibility was shared with the Registered manager and the field team leader. This will be my first time as a CQC registered manager  something that is equally exciting but slightly nerve wracking!!!”

Lynden – “My new role is largely different but also similar in a lot of ways. I am really excited and eager to begin expanding and supporting the company to grow. As a Team Leader, I always liked to think I didn't just lead but supported my team to allow them to progress also. If my whole branch were trained to cover all aspects of the business the risk of sickness or staffing issues would be reduced, and we would work as one cohesive entity.”

What are some of the challenges of your new role? 

Becci -  “Stretching my comfort zone by not being able to shy away from the business development aspect of the role, which in the past I have been guilty of! Managing a team and being accountable for the branch as a whole. It’s certainly going to be a challenge, but I am up for it.”

Lynden – “One is my sense of direction, I am expecting to spend a lot of time on the M25, M4 and where ever my sat nav that I rarely listen to takes me. Second, I am used to having a large close team around me and the new challenges that will vary from location to location, researching the area's and the competition is something I am not used to, In Cornwall, I knew the clients and competition like the back of my hand. It's like going back to basics, But I really enjoy meeting new people and new challenges of which I am expecting to hit head on.”

Thanks guys and good luck in your new roles!

If you’d like to be considered for the Explorer Programme, please register your interest with your regional manager.