28 January 2019

Six of our Central Support team receive Long Service Awards

Today (28th January 2019), a Long Service Awards ceremony celebrating the commitment of six of the Central Support team took place in Colston Tower, Bristol.

Newcross's ongoing success relies on retaining the best people, which is why we are committed to our employees and their future.

Our Long Service Awards give us a chance to recognise those people who have dedicated 5, 10, 15 or 20 years service to Newcross. Long servers are invited to meet with either members of our Branch Management or Senior Management Team who will present them with a gift and certificate as a mark of their outstanding loyalty and dedication.

The awards were as follows: 

Emilie Tomkins - 5 years

Sarah Quick - 5 years 

Kirsty Brain - 5 years 

Jake Martin - 5 years 

Hannah Church - 5 years 

Stacie Kent - 5 years 

 They were presented with their certificates by Operations Director, Geoff White. 

Geoff said, "We are here to celebrate you all having been with us for five years. We are delighted to present you with these long service awards.  Thank you for all your hard work, loyalty and support. You're the rock of central support."

Congratulations to Emilie, Sarah, Kirsty, Jake, Hannah and Stacie!

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