16 March 2018

Sportsmanship, team work and determination - the key to a successful team?

The penultimate weekend of Six Nations is upon us, this annual international rugby union competition between 6 countries truly highlights for us the importance of our branch teams. With our 63 branches across our nationwide network we know that teamwork, dedication and trust are some of the essentials to succeeding together. Social Media Champion and Colwyn Bay Healthcare Coordinator Sian Jones takes a look at what makes our teams stand out from the rest.

A rugby team can’t function without all its players, and it’s the same here at Newcross, from our carers and nurses, to our healthcare coordinators and managers, right up to regional managers and directors, we know that we are all part of the same team. Whether it is celebrating our successes or sticking together through the pressured situations, our teams are what make us strong.

Just like the Six Nations competing countries, each team member is instrumental in reaching our goal, working together to achieve our outcome. For Newcross the goal remains to provide highly trained staff, clinical expertise and administrative support to help care for sick and vulnerable people.

Being from Colwyn Bay means that Wales always gets my support first and foremost. But you can see the comradery between the teams in the Six Nations, win or lose, it’s the same with Newcross, we have such great relationships with other teams around the business, from operations to support departments, we all trust each other and are there when we need support.

Our people are what makes Newcross special. Every single person who works for us knows that what they’re doing is part of a bigger picture. By working together, each member of staff contributes to the high quality of care that Newcross provides. It’s our people who make all the difference in the lives of our clients.


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