12 December 2017

There’s snow stopping them!

HCA Phil Ireland- on his way to work

Healthcare Assistants Phil Ireland, Paul Reeves, Claire Dashwood and Nurse Pamela Canbaz, have once again gone above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that our service users received the highest quality of care, braving the elements and beating the winter weather.

As heavy snow fell across the UK conditions on the roads made every bit of travel ever more treacherous, our amazing HCA’s Phil Ireland and Kate Joseph went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure they would be there for those in their care at the Court in Shropshire and Autumn House near Cannock.

Yesterday morning at 7am, following the winter down pour and the worst conditions in Shropshire for over 30 years, Phil set off to make sure he was there to carry out his duty of care at the Court in Shropshire, 17 miles away.

Half an hour into the journey, disaster stuck and Phil's car slid off the road, luckily only damaging the car. 

Phil called our 24/7 Central Support Team to alert them of the news, managing to get the car back on the road Phil drove back home. Most people would have thought "I have done my best, there is nothing else that I can do", but not Phil. Undeterred, he e-mailed his BCM to say that he was going to try again to make it to the shift, this time in his wife's Land Rover. Just after 8am Phil once again set off, this time arriving safely at 9.05 ready for his shift with a cheery smile.

Marie Lea, Shrewsbury Branch Manager said, “This is pretty typical of Phil, nothing is too much trouble for him, which is why he is held in such high esteem. Not only by the rest of the team, but our clients and other Newcross colleagues that work with him.”

Our HCA Kate Joseph also fell victim to the icy conditions whilst braving the cold on her way to her morning shift, she had a collision due to the poor road conditions and the persistent snow, thankfully she was unhurt, but that didn’t stop her. Kate went above and beyond to get to her shift at Autumn house. Due to the collision Kate couldn't make her morning shift, instead of going home and giving up, she borrowed her brother’s car to make sure she got their as soon as possible to care for those in need. Rachel Bailey, Cannock Branch Manager said, “Her determination and dedication is truly inspiring”.

There’s snow way out!

With parts of the UK quickly resembling the artic tundra, it’s snow wonder that many people were left stranded by the icy conditions.

Our HCAs - Paul Reeves (Chester Branch) and Claire Dashwood (Shrewsbury Branch) were caught out by the winter weather, whilst they were caring for our service users in in Corwen, Denbighshire. The snow fell so heavily that they were quickly snowed in. Knowing that if they left other care workers would struggle to get there, they stayed and continued to care for those in need. The pair have been there since Saturday, working tirelessly for the past 3 days as a result. Hopefully they can get home tonight and have a well-deserved break!

RGN Pamela Canbaz (Chester Branch) was also snowed under at a care home in Llangollen, Denbighshire from Saturday night to Monday morning, staying to ensure all those in her care received the care they truly deserve. Luckily a digger arrived Monday morning clearing the snow from the car park so she could go home to rest safely.

Phil, Kate, Paul and Pamela truly embody the spirit of Newcross and the illustrate the dedication of our healthcare employees, turning up whatever the weather to care for those who are in need.

Central Support vs the MET office

Even the MET Office did not predict the severity of the snow, ice and treacherous conditions on the roads. But our Central Support Team were prepared for the snow to fall with a 15-strong team, and 14 more team members joining them in early evening, to ensure a continued seamless service was given.

Our dedicated Central Support Team, were literally ‘on call’ 24/7 over the weekend, in preparation for the increased number of calls from both clients in need and employees facing the horrific travel conditions. On Sunday as, heavy snow fell across the country the average 800-900 calls received by the team increased dramatically to 1,800 calls in a 24-hour period, but luckily, we were very prepared and their hard work ensured that our service users could receive the care that they deserve.

Well done to of our employees who worked over the weekend, you should all be very proud of yourselves you are truly inspirational!

Remember if you are unsure you will be able to make it to your shift call your branch straight away and you will be transferred through to our fantastic Central Support Team.