24 November 2017

Venturing into the Newcross world

Just as we ensure frontline Nurses and Healthcare Assistants are provided with ongoing assessment and training, our office staff also benefit from a wide-reaching and growing array of Learning & Development courses. These range from training to help people master our processes and systems, through to ground-breaking programmes to nurture leadership and management skills.

Launched in mid-November, our new Learning and Development course the Venturer programme is aimed at Trainee Business Centre Managers and aims to provide them with the skills and experiences to become confident Business Centre Managers.

Ole Dodwell, our Management Development Specialist, who has designed and is delivering the programme said, "Newcross has really high standards when it comes to people and it has been a really exciting challenge to help people consistently meet these standards through our development programmes."

"Each of the Venturer participants are at different stages in both their competence and confidence when running a branch. We have designed the programme to be flexible enough to meet all of their individual needs and be able to deliver results to the standard we all expect."

Our new set of Venturer’s are:

  • Aaron Merrett - Weston Super Mare
  • Becci Buck - Exeter Complex Care
  • Michele Streams - Swindon
  • Chloe Pearce - Coventry
  • Brian Chung - Ayr
  • Louise Greig - Perth

As well as development workshops and coaching, the participants will be working with business mentors so they can translate their learning into real-time results for their branches.

We look forward to sharing their experiences and development as the course is delivered over the coming months.

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