04 October 2016

Welcome to 'Chi'!

The growth of Newcross Healthcare continues to accelerate with the opening of a new office in Chichester. We visited the new branch for its launch event to meet the staff and find out more about the historic city.

On the 2nd August, VIPs and local dignitaries including the Mayor of Chichester converged on South Street to mark the opening of the 52nd Newcross office. Serving both the city and surrounding towns and villages on the South Coast, the Chichester Office is set to create around 100 new jobs for local healthcare professionals.

Although we’re a nationwide business, our services are very much tailored to local neighbourhoods and the varying needs of individuals who need care and support,” said Kelly-Marie Harris, Regional Operations Manager.

Our new office will serve as both an administrative centre, a hub for a clinical support and a venue for advanced training programmes. Having a dedicated Chichester branch will enable us to develop even closer relationships with local staff and end-users. It’s easier to maintain high standards of management and care when we’re right at the heart of the community.”

During the launch event, Bethany Spink, the branch co-ordinator was persuaded to role-play as a patient during a demonstration of a high tech bed hoist. Although in the capable hands of qualified staff, Bethany looked rather apprehensive at first.

Being winched out a bed made me feel a bit self conscious,” she admitted. “On reflection it was a valuable experience. It’s always helpful to consider what it’s like to be the recipient of care.

Claire Wilson, recently appointed as Business Centre Manager, will be responsible for the new Chichester Branch. She explained that healthcare in Britain is changing rapidly.

Modern care is often very complex, which demands highly skilled staff. Care is also being delivered in a wider range of places; not just hospitals and residential centres but increasingly within people’s own homes. Having an agile and responsive workforce is essential.”

As with the rest of the Newcross network, Chichester will be offering permanent contracts, ongoing training and flexible working hours to give staff greater control of their working lives. The Chichester office will provide new local jobs as well as collaborating with Newcross’s established Southampton and Eastbourne offices.

Claire went on to highlight her recruitment drive in West Sussex and further afield on the South Coast: “It’s a great honour to be part of a success story that we can all be proud of. We’re growing and we’re actively looking for talented, qualified staff to join our team.

Quick Facts about Chichester

  • Chichester or “Chi” as it’s called by locals, is the only city in West Sussex and was developed on the site of the Roman settlement of Noviomagus Reginorum.
  • Hometown of Major Tim Peake, the first official British astronaut who gained fame through his work on the International Space Station.
  • The main industry in the area is tourism and hospitality and includes the Goodwood Estate, home of iconic horseracing and motorsports events.
  • The oldest hominid remains yet found in Britain were unearthed at Boxgrove near Chichester. The leg bone of a pre-Neanderthal man was found at a quarry there in 1993; and has since been dated as half a million years old.
  • Public Health England estimates the population of the district, including Chichester and Midhurst, is around 115,000 (June 2015).
  • Over 12,000 emergency hospital admissions are typically made each year.
  • There are over 50 registered care homes within 5 miles of the city centre. Local hospitals are managed by the Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, including St. Richard’s Hospital in the centre of the city.
  • The area is served by South East Coast Ambulance service which operates 45 Ambulance Stations and 51 Ambulance Community Response Posts in the region.

Meet the Team

Kelly-Marie Harris has been with Newcross for nearly 5 years and Chichester is now one of 12 branches that she oversees. Known by friends and colleagues as “KM” (Never just “Kelly”, please.), she is also a volunteer Progression Mentor for the Prince’s Trust.

Claire Wilson is the Business Centre Manager or “BCM” responsible for the Chichester Branch. She joined the company in January 2016 and had previously been looking after the Reading branch. Prior to joining Newcross worked as a certified pharmacy technician.

Bethany’s role is matching healthcare professionals with assignments, managing staff and shifts. In her spare time, she’s a singer songwriter.

Get in touch...

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This story was originally published in the Autumn 2016 Edition of Newcross News.

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