16 November 2018

We've launched a perks scheme for healthcare and office staff!

perks at work

Are you wondering just how you’re going to manage to get all your Christmas shopping on time and within budget? Newcross employees need fret no more! Thanks to some extra special Christmas magic, the clever elves at Head Office have waved their magic wands to launch a fabulous all new employee discount scheme to help you at one of the most costly times of the year.

Newcross Healthcare is launching an employee perks scheme for all staff. Once you sign up, you will be able to take advantage of 30,000 discounts at around 80 high street retailers.

The scheme, Perks at Work, will offer the following kinds of discounts:

* Earn “WOW Points” as you shop, then redeem your WOW Points like cash at your favourite merchants on site or convert back into cash in your Bank Account.

* Enjoy up to 55% off cinema tickets at Cineworld, Odeon, Picture House, Showcase and Vue cinemas nationwide.

* Save up to 15% off at 80+ high street retailers with reloadable shopping cards and instant e-vouchers.

 From small purchases — like nappies and groceries to bigger ones like cell phones, computers, and vacation — Perks at Work rates help you to save every day.

Examples of top discounts at your fingertips...

1. Exclusive pricing with Apple

2. 41% off select hotels with Expedia

3. 20% off Virgin Trains

4. 50% off at UGG Outlet

5. Save up to £300 on laptops with Microsoft
6. Up to £150 off when you travel with TUI

Perks at Work launches on 29th December for all staff. Newcross employees should check their emails for information on how to sign up for the scheme. 

If you have any questions regarding Perks at Work, you'll be able to find help, here