28 April 2017

Newcross is Proudly Supporting Older Workers

(image source: gov.uk)

Did you know …?

The default retirement age (DRA) or ‘default state pension age’ was abolished in October 2011.

What does this mean …?

Many people may need or want to continue working past the age of 65, and now they can.

How we can help …

As an Equal Opportunities employer we encourage applications from older workers and recognise that their skill and expertise in the workplace can bring added value to the business.

Does this mean I’ll have to work for longer ...?

No one has to stay in work if they don’t want to. Scrapping the DRA means that older workers are given more freedom to plan their retirement when they decide to. It also means that they are not forced out of work, and are instead given the opportunity to extend their working life if they are able and willing to.

So if you’re an experienced care worker, and you’re not ready to give up the working life quite yet, or if you’re already working with us and want to continue into your golden years, we can help.

What Newcross can do for you …

We acknowledge that all employees, regardless of age, have different levels of ability and capability, and as an equal opportunities employer we want to ensure that no one is put at a disadvantage due to their age or any other protected characteristic.

All employees must ensure that they are capable of undertaking their job role, and should there be any concerns on either parties’ side then consideration could be made to involving Occupational Health to assist with making recommendations as to any adjustments that may be needed to assist the employee in the workplace.

As a flexible hours company, we can help you on the way to retirement. With us you can work full or part time hours, accepting only the shifts that suit you.

Older Worker Statistics (source: Department for Work and Pensions)

  • There are more over 50s in employment than ever before, with older worker employment rates still rising
  • By retiring at 65 instead of 55, an average earner could have over £200,000 extra income and increase their pension pot by 60%
  • Between 2014 and 2024 there will be 3.2 million more people aged 50-State Pension age, and 200,000 fewer people aged 16-49
  • By 2020 over 50s will comprise almost one third of the working age population
  • Average retirement age is around 66
  • Over half of men and women stop working before state pension age