22 July 2013

Newcross staff come to the aid of injured holidaymaker

At Newcross, we are proud to say that our staff members are conscientious and caring, regularly going above and beyond the call of duty. On Tuesday afternoon, Torquay staff members Michelle Barton, Shabnam Dooley and Michael Tresize came to the aid of an elderly holidaymaker who had suffered a fall in the street and was in a great deal of pain.

When the gentleman slipped and fell on Tor Hill Road, Michelle Barton, a Newcross homecare member of staff, assessed the situation and immediately called for an ambulance, whilst Team Leader Shabnam alerted Senior Clinical Assessor Michael Tresize for assistance. As a qualified nurse, Michael assessed the gentlemen's condition whilst checking his pupils and vital signs.

After identifying that the gentleman was experiencing severe chest pains and had suffered a head injury, they ensured that he was in a safe and stable position until an ambulance arrived. Michael then assisted the paramedics in placing the gentleman on a scoop before he was taken to the local hospital. Michael was also on hand to reassure the victim's friend, who had been visibly shaken by the experience.

Having suffered from both a concussion and two cracked ribs, the quick response from both Michelle and Michael and their clinical experience meant that the appropriate care and assistance could be given. Managing Director Michelle Pattrick RN, said "We are very proud of Michelle, Mike and Shabnam's actions and we wish him a very swift recovery", whilst CEO Stephen Pattrick thanked the team for their efforts, which "showcased the expertise and caring nature of Newcross employees".

The knowledge and genuine caring attitude of employees at the Torquay branch is representative of all Newcross employees. In addition to recognising situations where their expertise can be of assistance, many members of staff regularly participate in charity events and are dedicated to making their community and the world around them a better place to live.