04 May 2011

Newcross Team Leader wins the Million Pound Drop!

 shabs million pound drop

Torquay branch Team Leader Shabnam Roughani and her fiancé Karl won £100k on TV game show The Million Pound Drop over the bank holiday weekend!

The nail biting game show began on Friday night and rolled over to Saturday night when Team Leader Shabz and Karl returned at Question 5 with £750K, the most any pair have had at this stage in the game!

They told Davina they were hoping to take enough money home for a honeymoon and house as they are currently living with Shabz's parents. The pair opted for a question on Dance and samba'd their way through with £450K intact. Question 6 was all about Animals, "According to Chester Zoo, the adult of which of these animals has the smallest footprint by area?" They left 'Polar Bear' clear and placed £250K on 'Orangutan' and £200K on Lion. It was a roaring success as Davina confirmed Lion was correct! It was time to talk Newspapers on question 7, they left the Daily Telegraph free and evenly split £100K each on The Daily Mirror and The Daily Mail as the papers with the largest circulation last month. It was clever play by Shabz and Karl, with the Daily Mail revealed as the right answer. They were through to the final question with a massive £100K and chose a question on' Shops'. "Which of these London department stores opened first?" Karl had a hunch it was Harrods not Selfridges and Shabz agreed, they shouted "Stop the clock" before they could change their minds! They were right on the money, "What a wedding" thought Davina but first Karl promised to get champagne for his football team's dressing room!

Shabz commented : "it's still so surreal at the moment.  We never expected to come home with that amount of money. We are going to Cyprus in June to book the wedding.  I cannot wait to get the wedding dress and go shopping as well!"

Huge congratulations to Shabz and Karl from us all at Newcross