21 August 2020

Newcross launches OCR tech, staff COVID-19 tests results now instantly available to clients - Cloned

OCR technology

At Newcross, our innovative tech solutions are empowering our clients to book temporary staff with confidence. In an industry first, we’re using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology so that staff can instantly upload the results of their weekly COVID-19 tests into the HealthForceGo app.

Key information from the upload test result will be instantly verified by our system as evidence of their result. Weekly COVID-19 test results are available for clients to view via digital staff profiles when making a booking. This solution will increase the pool of available staff by reducing the turnaround time, enabling us to support increasing numbers of clients during the pandemic.

Throughout the pandemic, we have encouraged all staff to take weekly COVID-19 tests via the government’s testing portal. Our original process involved our expert in-branch teams manually approving all tests. Now, using OCR technology, the process is automated whilst maintaining the rigor of the human verification. If the OCR check is unable to verify the data, our in-house experts will review it.

It is essential that our clients can book our staff with confidence, with access to the latest COVID-19 testing results. We’re proud to be an agile business continually looking to enhance our systems to provide the best possible service for our clients throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. This ability stems from our continuous investment in cutting edge technology and our fantastic in-house team of developers who strive to deliver innovative new ways to improve and streamline our processes.

-   Stephen Pattrick, CEO

How does the OCR technology work?

Watch the video below to find out how this process works:

OCR technology enables users to convert documents or images into editable and searchable data. In our case, staff will use their smart device to take a photo of their COVID-19 test results. Our OCR technology will convert the image into data that our systems can recognise. Our system will then verify the test results and make them visible in the staff member’s digital profile.

How else are Newcross supporting clients throughout COVID-19?

Our two-pronged approach to the pandemic aims to support clients with their own testing whilst providing staff who are safe and able to work. Here’s how:

  • All staff are encouraged to maintain a weekly testing schedule, using the official government testing portal
  • Our Auto-Instant Verification feature enables clients to receive instant confirmation of bookings - perfect for last minute or high-priority bookings
  • The Newcross COVID-19 Testing Team are available to safely and accurately test our clients’ workforce and service users using government-authorised tests - find out more
  • Specialist COVID-19 training has been rolled out to all staff via our eLearning platform, covering how to correctly don and doff PPE and oxygen therapy.

We will continue to innovate and remain at the forefront of tech to support our clients in ways that our competitors simply cannot. Our experienced healthcare staff are experts in their field, maintaining a regular schedule of COVID-19 tests so our clients can book with confidence.

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