10 May 2021

Newcross Healthcare launch Mental Health Awareness Week 2021 wellness activity series

Newcross Healthcare launch Mental Health Awareness Week 2021 wellness activity series

Here at Newcross Healthcare, supporting the mental health of our community and those in our care is of paramount importance to us. This Mental Health Awareness Week (MHAW), we’re taking the opportunity to raise awareness of the importance of mental health and to offer our healthcare and office staff the opportunity to take some time to learn, think and look after their own health and wellbeing. This week we are launching an exciting schedule of free events and a competition that we encourage all of our staff to get involved with.

We’ve put this together into a suggested timetable for the week. Staff can attend as many or as few as they like, though we do encourage everyone to take the time out of their working day to get involved. Some sessions are pre-recorded so there are plenty of opportunities to take part regardless of working schedules. 

Sessions include informative and thought-provoking webinars, yoga, workouts and guided meditation. For healthcare staff, to accommodate for varying shift patterns and other commitments, the sessions will be pre-recorded and available to book or access. For office staff, we’re hosting two LIVE Body Tone fitness classes. 

In addition to our timetable of events, we’re also running the following:

Wellness Hour

Following MHAWs theme of connecting to nature, staff are encouraged to take time for themselves outside of working hours and experience the great outdoors. This could be walking the dog, pottering in the garden, jogging or meeting a friend for a catch up in the park. 

Win a Fitbit!

During a Wellness Hour, staff are invited to share a selfie of themselves taking part in their chosen outdoor activity and share this on social media for a chance of winning a Fitbit 4 Charge. Staff will need to tag @newcrosshealthcare on Instagram or @NewcrossHealth on Twitter and use the hashtags #LoveNewcross and #MHAW21 in the post to enter.

This year, the MHAW theme is connecting to nature. Though it’s clear that spending time in the ‘great outdoors’ is beneficial for mental health, experts are still debating the reasons why. Keen to learn more? Read our latest Healthcare Insights article here.