03 June 2021

Newcross Healthcare introduce permanent blended working policy

Newcross Healthcare introduce permanent blended working policy

At Newcross Healthcare, we’re always exploring what the future working environment will look like for our office teams. It has always been our mission to revolutionise access to quality healthcare through the use of technology and we’re going through an exciting time of growth and innovation. We believe that adopting a more flexible, blended working approach will play a vital part in the next steps of our journey.

COVID-19 called for true agility as we made the rapid switch from office-based work to working from home to safeguard our teams. But, thanks to our continuous investment in tech and the hard work of our teams, we found that this was a seamless change. Now, as the economy opens up, we are empowering our office teams with the best of both worlds.

To help maintain social engagement, team morale and productivity, all employees will continue to have access to digital platforms but also practical spaces when needed, to hold purposeful team meetings, strategic planning sessions and away days as and when teams see fit. 

We will also provide our teams with a budget, for items such as desks and chairs, to ensure a comfortable and productive working environment for all. The finer details will be announced shortly.

Our beliefs are:

  • Productivity isn’t measured by hours sat at a desk in an office. In a recent survey, the majority of our office teams said that they were more productive and energised when working from home.
  • For some projects and job roles, there is no replacement for the face-to-face interaction that an office space facilitates. But, that said, it is not necessarily a requirement to work in the office full-time. Instead, we believe that teams should get together for collaborative meetings on an as-needed basis, as determined by department leaders.
  • A blended working model, with opportunity to work from home, will support a better work-life balance and will have a positive effect on the mental health of our employees.

What this means for our clients

We have continued to receive very positive feedback from our clients. For them, our blended working policy should have a positive effect on their experience of our services. To maintain strong working relationships, our branch teams will continue with regular visits, in line with COVID-19 guidelines.

Our Complex Care branch locations will remain open and staffed throughout the working week, as per our CQC registration requirements.

We have had the opportunity to streamline our recruitment process and make it entirely digital, which allows us to meet clients’ needs more efficiently. You can read more about this here.


We’d like to say a big thank you to everyone for their continued hard work, dedication and patience over the last year. We are very proud of how effectively we have faced the challenges of COVID-19. As a team and in collaboration with our clients, we have worked together to adapt, overcome and thrive. The shift towards more home working has evolved and enhanced our culture, communication and technology.