12 April 2019

What is Flexi Pay?

Have you heard of Flexi Pay?

Flexi Pay is just one of the reasons why UK healthcare professionals are choosing to work for Newcross over other healthcare employers - and you can too!
05 April 2019

Newcross opens a new branch in Andover

Following our success in Southampton and Reading and due to increasing demand for our services in Andover, Salisbury and Basingstoke, we're opening a new office and training centre in Andover!
22 March 2019

5 Recent developments in dementia research

Can early dementia be reversed? Does the food we eat make a difference? Can quizzes and brain tests prevent the onset of the condition? These are just a few of the once-mysteries experts have attempted to solve regarding dementia. 

Let's explore some groundbreaking developments regarding dementia medicine...
19 March 2019

What to expect from a moving and handling course

Safe moving and handling require healthcare assistants to know the correct procedures for moving adults and children without causing injury to either themselves or the person they're supporting.

What will you learn on a Newcross Moving and Handling course?
14 March 2019

Nutrition and care of the elderly

Adequate nutrition, especially in older age, aids in the maintenance of health and in decreasing the onset of chronic diseases, contributes to vitality in everyday activity, to energy and mood and helps in maintaining functional independence.
08 March 2019

Complex care: Offering choice

Having the power to make these kinds of small decisions plays a part in our everyday lives. However, what happens when the notion of choice becomes a  challenge in itself? 
06 March 2019

20,000 more care workers needed in Wales by 2030

Wales is facing a carer staffing crisis, needing thousands of more people to work in caring roles with adults and children by 2030 if it is to keep pace with the growing demand for care services and provide support for communities across the country.