Care in the Home

Newcross Healthcare provides care at home services for organisations delivering care to multiple clients at any one time, as well as individuals.

We provide a coordinated and fully compliant service that puts quality of care and the individual at the centre of their care. Nothing is more important to us than ensuring clients receive the best quality of care, so we'll develop a strong working relationship with you to ensure that happens.


The best of the best

Our meticulous hiring approach ensures that we hire only the best people to be join our care at home team. Unlike an agency, we never offer our staff members zero hours or temporary contracts. They are all permanent employees of Newcross.

Coming home from hospital

Recuperating at home after a hospital stay is vital for your wellbeing, and with Newcross, you can tailor your care at home package to suit your needs. Whether you need full 24-hour support from a team of nurses and healthcare assistants, or just a few drop-in visits every day to assist with your personal needs, we will accommodate you.

Some of the types of care we can offer include:

  • Personal care and using the bathroom
  • Ensuring medication is taken on time
  • Post-operative wound care
  • Skin care to the reduce the risk of skin damage
  • Promoting mobility including assistance with mobility aids

Going on holiday

The care you're receiving from Newcross doesn't have to stop if you want to get away with the family. Whether you want to go away alone or with family, we can help you plan your care around your holiday, and not the other way around.

Our nurses and carers can travel with you, out of uniform if you prefer, to ensure your time away is as relaxing and restful as you would like. We will ensure you have the support you need throughout your trip, starting with a full risk assessment and staffing plan.

Mental health and wellbeing

We offer tailored care plans for individuals who have mental health issues, and who require support in several different aspects of their life. This may be relatively light support in the first instance, but with preparations made if the condition is degenerative.

All of our nurses, healthcare assistants and home carers receive regular training in mental health care, including care of those with different dementias, so we're confident in providing the best practice in care at all times.